Today’s children and families often have limited opportunities to connect with the natural environment.

Children Need “Vitamin G” .Green environments are an essential component of a healthy human habitat. There is positive link between nature and human health, and social and psychological functioning.

Nature makes kids better. In recent studies, it was found that greenery in schools help children have better brain functions. Also, at APSI playgrounds, greenery is assumed to promote physical activities and has a positive impact to children’s attention.

Some of the incredible importance of Greenery to schools are:

  • It reduces stress in kids;
  • The concentration of children are improved;
  • It improves the problem-solving skills of the children in school;
  • It reduces the depression in kids ; and
  • Children who attend schools with greenery gain an improvement in agility, coordination, and balance.

The importance mentioned above are the goals of APSI. Surrounding and filling a school with nature, gives way to human flourishing.