Like a sapling that grows with careful nurturing and supervision, we have seen the birth and growth of an education system of which the APSI has been the crux, and it is now our endeavor to educate global citizens at the APSI. I had an earnest desire to build up an institution where an education blended in all colors of human values could be given and today I feel proud to say that my dream of quality institution is taking shape through it. Moulding impressionable minds and guiding them on the right paths lit with learning and knowledge is a challenging and a very responsible job. We, as educators and managers of this task, hope that our sincere efforts will bear fruit in the success of our students. APSI will provide students an opportunity to learn in the truest sense of the term, in a spirit of inquiry. To truly learn, it is necessary to truly understand. And that is where we differ from the old practices in many schools where students are taught to memorize without any thought towards whether they have truly understood the subject. This love and thirst for learning is what we help develop in young children, a thirst that stays with them for the rest of their lives. APSI has an ambience that is designed to become a part of the learning process. With scenic school grounds and lawns, the natural atmosphere of our campus de-clutters the senses and refreshes the spirit, acting as a catalyst in the education of our students. The excellent facilities are a perfect backdrop for developing the student’s extra-curricular skills and personality. APSI ensures the all-round development of students so that they are able to face the challenges of the world confidently and successfully.